Saturday, July 7, 2018

Heaven on Earth

Eight years ago we were very fortunate to have been invited to Telluride, Co to celebrate the 4th with friends.   It was such a beautiful place.  Telluride and Ireland are the two places on earth that I have visited where I truly felt like I was home.  Both are places I would love to return and spend lots of time and bask in their beauty.

That Fourth of July evening as we stood in the streets of Telluride and watched fireworks, snow began to fall.  It was so magical, so breath taking I will never forget it.  Snow flakes and fireworks in July is an experience everyone should have.

Our friends are back in Telluride with their families this week.  I know they are having a wonderful time.  Rarely am I envious, but tonight I envy them.   They are enjoying heaven on earth.

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  1. Nice memories for sure and the thoughts of snow tend to make us fee a bit cooler. Still when I have a choice, I prefer summer over winter, when we have snow. Hope your weekend is a good one !