Thursday, July 26, 2018

More Comfort

So today for lunch,  meat loaf, butter beans, Brussels sprouts, mac and cheese, fried okra.  Jordan inhaled a plate full.  He loves Panera green tea and we have been trying to recreate that he informed me that our tea was not so good...maybe we should give up.  But no, I told him we can do this, more to come.

His mom is on pins and needles about the competition tomorrow.  Jordan on the other hand just shrugs his shoulders and takes it all in stride.  Hopefully by Sunday we will have some pictures to post.

I had full classes today, so I am a wee bit tired tonight.  So glad I am off tomorrow.
Tomorrow night is the full moon, there is an eclipse  but we can't see it here.  Suppose to be the longest eclipse of this century, so if you live somewhere and can see it, enjoy.


  1. Good luck to Jordan today. I'm sure he'll do well.
    You can watch the total eclipse on the internet but it's not the same. It's all overcast here so we won't see it.

    That's funny about the tea. You're competing to make a duplicate taste and he's competing to win at swimming. Neither will give up.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. julia, I guess you have figured out by now that we are stubborn family and there's is some competition that flows through our veins

  2. Good luck Jordan. And good luck on the green tea.