Saturday, July 28, 2018


Jordan and his relay team brought home the gold today.  They won first place in the state!  I am  still crying tears of joy.  He swam in 5 meets and over all against 100's of kids, he placed 13th in the state.
Breeze continued with her skills of knocking time off her meets.  Their team, The Jasper Sharks placed number 7 in the state.  Can you tell we are bursting with pride?  Their little team only had 59 swimmers that made state, and there were teams there with many more swimmers.

You can tell by the photo that Samantha ( Jordan's mom, his Nana and I) are bursting with pride.
Jordan was overcome by all the attention and congratulations, he kept looking at me saying I don't like this part of it...I told him he'd better get use to it, there would be a lot more to come.


  1. Congrats to Jordan and to his very happy family!

  2. Congratulations to Jordan and Breeze. Wow, and he's humble too. What a sweet kid. He can only get better from now on.
    Hugs, Julia