Friday, July 13, 2018

Memory Plow

We continue to deal with high temps and high humidity.  I have been beaten into submission by Mother Nature, summers for me just seem to get worse every year.  If I could only skip July and August.  I come in from our walks and the skin on my arms is damp, not from sweat but humidity.
I know those who live in cold climates suffer, but you know even if you are naked here, there is no relief.  At least if you are cold, you can add layers.

This picture of the old plow means a great deal to me.  It was the plow my dad used on the back of his old blue Ford tractor that sits in the barn.  It no longer runs, but in my mind I can look back at the last summer of my dad's life.  He and my mom and Rick and I, working in the field out back.  We harvested bushels of sweet potatoes that late summer and early autumn. My dad laughed as he watched Rick drive old blue and said, " I'll make a farmer out of him yet."

Sometimes I look down the field and if I squint just right I see daddy walking down toward the barn with corn stalks thrown over his shoulder, taking a treat to his milk cow.  I have pictures of him, Mamie ( his mother) and my mom down around the barn, all of them smiling.

Today has been an extremely stressful day.  I am so ready for bed.  This new moon, Friday the 13th had many strange energies moving through our lives, hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. How wonderful to have such precious moments to remember. I do hope your today is better than your yesterday!