Saturday, June 30, 2018

Heat Wave

We like most of the US are in a heat wave.  Mornings are the time to get things done outside, because this evening the heat index is 103.  Our heat and humidity hit early this year, I can only hope fall and winter do as well.  All I can do is sing every song about heat I know.  Heat Wave is number one right now.  :)

More storms are suppose to roll in tomorrow, it will be a good day to rest and get ready for our gig next weekend.

We have large green tomatoes, I cannot wait until they ripen.  We will get up early in the morning to pick blueberries, about one more pick and the blueberries will be history.

I hope your Saturday has given you what you needed.  Ours gave us an hour nap which was heavenly.  May our Sunday bring us peace.


  1. The heat wave is coming this way and it's gonna get hotter.
    I'm not very fond of hot humid days and nights as we don't have an A/C.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. The heat is miserable for me. I do a lot of staying inside with the air conditioning.