Tuesday, June 12, 2018


When Samantha (Jordan's mom) was a small child, maybe 4 or 5 she watched Clifford the Big Red Dog on PBS every time she stayed with me.  She would look at me and tell me how much she wanted a dog just like Clifford.

A few years ago, she and Jordan were driving home and saw 3 tiny pups on the side of the road.  Some thoughtless person had thrown them out like garbage.  They brought all three pups home with them.  Samantha's brother Haven took 2 of them and she and Jordan kept one.  They called her Lady.

Now this was a tiny pup but her paws were huge.  Sam's parents looked at the dog and said oh keep her, she won't be very big.  Boy were they wrong.  Lady now weighs about 100 pounds, but she is still that sweet little puppy inside.  She is an Airedale mix, with red wiry hair.  She has the grace of a bull in a china shop and a bark/howl that is ear piercing.  Sam finally got her Clifford.

Every day when Sam, Deb and Rick go to work and Jordan goes to school, Lady comes to stay with us.  She and Calliou and Hook and Taz are great friends.  They are always having some sort of adventure, just like Clifford and his friends.  Rick and I love her almost as much as Sam and Jordan.
Here's a photo of her on Hook's bed, they share.  Her favorite spot, the sofa.  Isn't that a sweet face?


  1. How fortunate that Sam and Jordyn found those little puppies.
    Lady is a beautiful dog indeed.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Lady suits her somehow. What a wonderful dog !