Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kids Laughing

Our great niece Breeze and great nephew Jordan spent most of the day with us.  They arrived in time for breakfast ( blueberry waffles by request) and left after lunch (spaghetti, once again by request).
In between there were dog walks, wild dancing, games, popsicles and laughter.  Kids laughing is the best sound in the world.

We loved having them here.  Jordan lives next door so we see him more often than we do Breeze and her siblings.  I can't wait for them to come back.   Having them here just makes you feel good.

Classes at work today dealt with boundaries and the understanding of giving and taking. Not easy lessons, and there were some tears but valuable thoughts for the women who were in the class.
We started and ended the class with the concept of living like water.  Water can be beautiful and fragile like raindrops on a rose or it can be strong and destructive like a raging river.  What water cannot go through, it finds a way to go around.  Learning to go with the flow can be difficult.

The weather guys swear rain is on its way.  Fingers are crossed, the earth here is getting hot and dry.
Enjoy your Thursday, spread joy, share kindness.


  1. Water is a perfect metaphor for life. And going with the flow is a great lesson to learn. Not easy at times for sure. Happy First Day of Summer !

  2. I love your metaphor for life. Water is life giving.
    Kids laughter is good medicine.
    Have a great day.
    Hugs, julia