Thursday, June 7, 2018


Normally I don't wish the week away, but I am so glad tomorrow is Friday.  Our air quality has been in the unhealthy category for those sensitive to ozone issues all week, and being one who truly has lung issues I am feeling the bad air.  Breathing just takes much more energy right now and I am fatigued. Cough, cough.

But, on that note about breathing, I did have great classes today.  Several new students came in and I said goodbye to a couple.  Three of my new students today had never experienced yoga or meditation.  I love when that happens.  It is such an honor to be someone's first teacher and to share meditation with those who  have addiction issues is wonderful.

I have PT tomorrow and then Rick's family have a big reunion this weekend.  I am in dire need of a vacation.  Maybe later in the summer.

Wishing you all a Friday that leads to an awesome weekend.  Have some fun, laugh out loud and always be kind.  More flowers blooming, I love their color.


  1. It must be terrible to have difficulty breathing especially when it's hot and muggy.
    Wishing you some relief soon.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Many folks up here have been suffering with allergy issues as all the foliage is really rocking. It must be super hard for you so take it easy and hopefully the air will get better. Enjoy the weekend and I too think I need a vacation! Unfortunately, none in the near future!