Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Surprise

Each day when we walk the dogs we are surprised.  Sometimes the surprise is the beauty of the day, or how funny the dogs are or what they scare up.  In the spring and summer the surprises are endless and usually deal with nature. 

This morning this rose of sharon was my surprise.  The sun was shinning its rays through the trees and there she was.  A little shy, but what a beauty.

I hope your Sunday has given you peace and joy.  Get some rest, get ready for the week ahead.
Don't forget to be kind.


  1. I never cease to be amazed at the delicate beauty that comes from the woody branches. What a beauty. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day. Hugs, Julia

  2. Love the picture of the Rose of Sharon. It's true every day brings surprises our way. But not all take the time to look for them.