Saturday, June 2, 2018

Hot Saturday

Rick and I looked at each other at 9:00 am this morning and could not believe all that we had done.
We had gotten up early ( on a Saturday morning) because of things that we needed to do before the heat and humidity engulfed the day.  We have both learned the hard way, our aging bodies no longer handle Alabama summers the way they once did.  Tomorrow will truly be our day of rest.

The weather guys say cooler drier temps coming our way by Monday.  Fingers are crossed.  The high today was 92, the heat index was over 100.  Summer is not even here!

Our friend and songwriting buddy, Joe Greg is coming over tomorrow.  We are doing a show together soon.  I would say there might be some rehearsing, maybe writing  and lord knows there will be some fun and laughter  going on.  We can't wait.

Wishing you all a Sunday filled with peace, kindness and joy.


  1. It sounds as if your Sunday will be a wonderful one! Enjoy !

  2. At least you can stay cool as you rehearse.

  3. You really live a charmed life. I know there are some rough spots but all in all, you really are living it up. Have fun with your song writing buddy.
    Hugs, Julia