Saturday, June 23, 2018

Rain Dance

For most of the day, we have had monsoonal rains with vivid lightening and loud thunder.  The dogs have not taken it well.  The sun actually came out around 3:00 and it was beautiful, but the storms are back.

I looked out the backdoor today and in the midst of a shower I saw that the dahlia my sister Nell had given me for my birthday was blooming.  She was dancing in the rain.  She is a dainty little gem, not those big plate size dahlias that my grandmother Mamie grew.  She seemed very brave in all the rain and wind.

I hope your Saturday has been a good.  I wish you a peaceful Sunday and that a stranger surprises you with kindness.
Goodnight Sweet dreams


  1. You got to have the rain to appreciate the sunshine. Happy Sunday !

  2. Jilda, I just read on Rick's blog that Ol'Hook had to be put down. I'm so sorry for your loss.
    It's good to have rain after a dry spell to make things grow and bloom.
    Hugs, Julia