Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Sunday I received a private message on FB that made me cry.  A good friend and fellow songwriter had died.  A rare disorder/virus had taken his life.  In her message, his wife spoke of his love for Rick and me.  All I could think of as I read her note, was how much we loved him.

He was funny and kind, he spoke his truth and wrote songs from the heart and he had served his country with pride.  Each time we played in Birmingham he and his wife would do their best to come hear us and we had the honor of sharing a stage with him through the years.

He grew up not far from us, a tiny community much like Empire, but as folks around here like to say, he done good.  He adored his wife and all I can think of is how much she will miss him.  But, as she reminded us today, he is no longer suffering and she has wonderful memories.

We met his younger brother today and two nephews who share his name.
  I told those young men who carry his name, they have a lot to live up to, big shoes to fill.  We met more of his friends and a woman who graduated from high school with him in 1957.  It was easy to see he had left his mark on many lives.  He was unique.

So tonight, I hope he is somewhere writing songs, telling stories and sharing his love.  He will be missed.
RIP in Coke.


  1. So sorry for your loss and will keep the family in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. So sorry about the lost of your good friend. Big HUGS, Julia