Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Bear

I am a bargain shopper, have been my whole life.  My wardrobe in high school was thrift store or home sewn.  I found this fake fur about 7 or 8 years ago one July for $50 so I bought it.
 Rick was like why are you buying something you probably won't ever wear.  I just laughed.

About once a winter here in Alabama it gets COLD.  Like today, 18 degrees this morning with a high of 30 and a windchill of 20.  So I drag out the bear as I call it.  Walking the dogs I was nice and toasty and Taz thinks the "bear" might be her next bed.


  1. Hi Jilda, I wrote a post as I'm struggling with getting healthy again. This is due to injuring my sciatic nerve over a year ago. I used to walk 20-25 miles per week, now that's too painful. Rick suggested I contact you to see if you might have suggestions. I do think yoga would help but I definitely need some easy moves. I'm not ready to join a class as I find they are too complex. Could you suggest any good books or websites? Thank you, enjoy your Sunday ♡

  2. Oh I love that coat. What a lucky find. You can wear it without feeling guilty that some little critter had to give their lives for it.