Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Candy Man

I have always been known to possess a big imagination.  Usually if a family member or friend needs creative input, they call me.  Samantha called in a panic last night.  Jordan had gotten a "creative"  assignment at school.  Tomorrow is the 100th school day of this year.  To celebrate his teacher asked the class to make a super hero cape using 100 items of their choice.  I suggested that Jordan could be "candy man" super hero of all things sweet.  The cape is actually an apron that Sam and her class made me when she was in kindergarten.  Each child painted their handprint on it.

Jordan was thrilled with his creation.  He plans on letting his classmates take the candy off the cape after class tomorrow.  They will have an impromptu candy feast.

So this is how my day has rolled.  A six thirty yoga class at work, a trip to Muscle Shoals for Rick's guitar class, then I gave his teacher our friend Max a yoga class.  Lunch with Rick, Max and Jerry Phillips, and then home to pick up Jordan.  We made his cape.  Rick and I practiced for our gig this weekend, I cooked dinner.  Yep, I am ready for a bed.   But it was a great day.


  1. I know Jordan will be a hit with his candy cape. Fun.

  2. What a great candy holder and distribution centre. lol.
    Great idea.
    Hugs, Julia