Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Commit to FLY

I think the intensity of the past couple of weeks caught up with me today.  I have been busy, but what I have really wanted to do was have a pajama day.  You know, one of those days when you stay in your pjs, don't leave the house, read and drink hot tea.  Those are so rare aren't they?  Yet most of us need them very much.

Friday we are under a winter storm watch, so I am hoping that will be my day to stay home, read, drink hot tea and make snow pies with Jordan.

We need those mental health days ( pajama days).  I think if we took one quarterly, we would rarely need a sick day.  We push our bodies and spirits to the breaking point, thinking there is no time for "me" and then when we collapse we are shocked.

So join with me in the decision to take an occasional mental health day this New Year.  Spend the day reading, or watching movies or hiking in the woods or hanging with your kids/dogs.  Eat your favorite foods, do what your body and spirit need/want.  You are worth it, I am worth it...we are all worth it.  I think that if we commit to this one act of self love it will change us and our year for the better.

I saw a quote this week that I loved.  F.L.Y.  first love yourself.  Let's FLY.


  1. Another great quote. Fly is a great concept. A PJ day is overdue for me too.

  2. I had one of those days today, but had to take a bath and get dress to go to the drug store after some medicine. I hope you get the chance Friday. Take care. Jean

  3. Enjoy your pajama day.