Sunday, January 1, 2017

Jan 1

Jan. 1...first day, first month, brand new year

Jan 1...Rick's b'day, my brother Ricky's b'day, Jordan's b'day and Breeze's b'day this month

Jan 1...foggy and very warm tonight, maybe serious storms tomorrow

Jan 1...time to make this year's vision board

Jan 1....wishing for snow

Jan 1...hoping that 2017 is a year of kindness

Jan 1...we already have gigs for Jan, just call us, have guitars, will travel

Jan. 1....hoping that the anger and division that fills my country leaves

Jan. 1....flu season, I don't need a repeat of last year

Jan. 1...I think there might be a trip to the beach in my life soon

Jan. resolutions, but lots of hopes and wishes

Jan. eye peas, greens and sweet potatoes were consumed today for money and luck

Jan. 1...grateful to see another year mom always told me that whatever you did and experienced on New Year's Day, that would be your life for the coming year...a good day today, good food, friends and family, a walk with the dogs

Jan. 1...I hope we all have a good year...spread some kindness and joy...don't forget to breathe.