Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Long Day

A very long day.  Because I had a doctor's appointment at nine this morning, I taught my early class without coffee or breakfast.  Believe me, I drank a lot of water.   Finally around 11:00 I ate.  Rick and I noticed on the way into Birmingham that the car was driving strangely, pulling to the right, a distinct shimmy, not good stuff.  We had made an appointment for new tires to be put on the car this afternoon, thank goodness we did.  It seems that one of the belts on the right front tire had broken.

The tire folks were amazed that we had not had a blowout on the interstate.   We picked the car  up this evening and all was well.  What a relief.

The best part of my day...I got to see my friend Louis.  He was my chair buddy for the almost four years of treatments that I took.  He has become a part of our family.  We both had doctor appointments this morning so we got to visit.  He has not been feeling well so it has been awhile since we saw each other.  If you have a spare prayer say one for Louis please.  He is one of the most gentle kind souls that I have ever known.

My hot tea is ready, my bed is ready and I am ready for both.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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