Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Good Day

I watched transformations take place in class today.  I had a full room with several new students all brand new to yoga.  As they walked into class there was confusion, fear and maybe even a little anger on their faces.  I talked with them, explained that class would in no way be what they were expecting and that I felt they would enjoy it.

I did a yin class, slow with simple poses and as always savasana was yoga nidra, twenty minutes.
When I opened the blinds and turned on the light the group slowly began to move and sit up.
The students helped me roll up the mats and put things away.  One by one the new students came to me and told me how much they loved the class and what a wonderful experience they had.

I knew from their faces and their words that their time left at the center would be different now.
They had found moments of peace, the "sweet spot" some of them called it.  They realized that what they were looking for was obtainable.  A break from chaos, is what we all crave and many look for that break in drugs and alcohol.

Numbness is not the answer and there is no drug or substance that you can put in your body to numb the pain that so many feel.  For many of my students it is the first time in their lives that they have sat in silence and simply breathed and let themselves feel anything other than pain, anger, guilt and remorse.

As always I am tired after teaching, but that is ok, I am tired after performing too.  I think when you use your energy doing what you love it leaves you with a good kind of tired,
My hot tea awaits, I hope your day was as good as mine.


  1. I had to learn that numbness was never an answer, the issues would always be there until I dealt with them... I am glad you were able to help them Jilda xox

  2. This is a beautiful story. I liked that you explained a bit more fully what it is that some of your students feel and then feel they can accomplish. I really enjoyed it.