Friday, August 19, 2016

Lazy Friday

I think I might have picked up a  little bug at work this week, I have felt it today.  So it has been low key and laid back.  We had planned on going into the city today, but maybe tomorrow.

We have worked on our music, reworking a song we started awhile back, organizing songs,  deciding what will be on our next cd and beginning to book concerts for the fall and winter.  So if you would like to book us or know someone who might, send us a note.  We are fond of saying, have guitars, will travel.

Even the dogs have been lazy today.  Storms rolled in late this evening, which seems to be the routine this week and tonight it is hot and sticky.  The clouds have hidden my beloved full moon again.
I feel cheated.

Rick has made me a cup of hot tea, just what I needed tonight.  It is Friday, I hope your weekend is off to a good start.  High school football started here this week.  Why can't they at least wait until after Labor Day?

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. I saw that full moon this morning on my way to work. High up in a blue sky I wished I could capture it with my camera. School starts a bit later this year..on the 29th...but school sports are underway. I think they go a bit overboard with all the kids have to do to play..camps, open gyms, practice upon practice and scrimmages. People do realize they don't get paid, right? Sure hope you feel better soon. Our weather has been hot and humid all summer but a change is coming by Monday. Looks much cooler..even in the 50's at night. Yep, Fall is coming. Have a good weekend Jilda.