Saturday, August 27, 2016


August has been a month of reflection, regroup, home maintenance and thinking about where we are and maybe where we are going.  Because of the heat and the fact that both of us just cant take it like we use too, we don't book any gigs for August.  I miss playing this month, but loading and unloading equipment, setting up and then performing is brutal in the August heat and humidity.  I know, we are just whinny babies.  :)

But, the gigs are coming , booking for the fall and that is not easy, living in the football capital of the free world.  We have come to accept that football rules the southeast and that includes high school and college and that music plays second fiddle to pigskin. :(

We have figured out the title of our next cd and most of the songs that will be on it.  Can't wait to get started on recording with our buddy Fred, the amazing sound/producer guy.

I watched the PBS special tonight, The Highway Men concert that took place in Long Island in 1990.
Waylon, Willie, Kris and Johnny, those guys wrote the songs that made me love country music.
It is a wonderful show.  If your public television station airs it, be sure to watch.

Enjoy your Sunday, as always I hope it is filled with peace.


  1. You're not whinny babies at all. You're just doing the right thing - which is listening to your body.

  2. August spent taking care of yourselves is a good idea. All other things will wait.

  3. It's been a very hot and humid Summer for us and we are also taking it easy. Have a lovely Sunday evening and I hope some cool breezes find you soon!