Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday Trauma

Most of my students had spent the day in trauma therapy, they were ready to rest and restore.
Tear stained faces and slumped shoulders are the norm after a day in trauma.
They needed TLC.  Warm cozy blankets were passed out, soft music played and the most gentle of stretches were done.  Afterwards eye pillows and more blankets and 20  minutes of savasana, when I opened the blinds faces had undergone transformations, smiles appeared.

Part of the class stayed for  meditation.  One young woman talked with me after class about how she had seen friends transformed by yoga and meditation, she wants that same transformation.
We talked about healthy lifestyles, healthy eating, drinking lots of water.  She is ready for a change.  That's a big step.

We have a tropical system controlling our weather this week.  There are waves of thunderstorms and monsoon rains that appear out of the southeast and then a few minutes later the sun will shine.
The air is so heavy with moisture that when I walked the dogs this morning my skin felt as though I had just stepped out of the shower.  No sweat, just that much moisture in the air.

Early class in the morning and then a day with Jordan.  School starts next week and he  is getting all the Rick and Jilda time he can.  His swim meets start again in September, so he and his mom have watched the Olympic Games all week.

Ready for a cup of hot tea, and bed.  5:00am will be here before you know it.

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