Friday, August 12, 2016

Weekend Begins

Friday night, it seems like a good time for Chinese.  It has been several months since we had Chinese food and since we have a great restaurant about 12 miles away, Rick has gone for take out.
I know, we should have just gone out, but sometimes take out just feels right.  Maybe kick back, watch a good movie and just like that, it's Friday night date night.

We both have consumed massive amounts of fruit the past few days.  Grapes and Cherries, we just can't get enough and they are so good this season.  I hope the apples and citrus season will be this good.

The rains and clouds have played havoc with our meteor viewing, but I read an article today that even though this event has the most per hour, there are more events to view this fall with much brighter and larger meteors.  We can only hope.

It's Friday, the weekend and really no plans, but that can change in the blink of an eye.  We bought a new grill yesterday so I bet tomorrow we might just try it out.  Have a great weekend, summer is quickly coming to an end.  Enjoy these last few weeks of sun and warmth.


  1. Finally we have some rain and hopefully it will continue all weekend. I don't care because I'm on call anyway! So enjoy your new grill and I might have to hit the Farmer's market tomorrow and find some fun things to grill on ours!

  2. I'm mad about grapes,especially the black ones, but I have to watch out; grapes have a high glycemic value, and it may kill my diet if I indulge in eating them.
    Fruits are not always as innocent as they may seem. I'm also mad about the sabra fruit, but its seeds don't decompose in the digestion system and might cause blockage.