Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Busy Hump Day

Jordan is better today, must have been some little bug.  Now all three dogs are sick.  The new dog, Hook brought Kennel Cough home from the Vet's office and now Calliou and Taz have it as well.
And since Lady, Jordan's dog is here a major part of the time she probably will have it too.  Ugh.
Can we say meds for all?

We were placed under another heat advisory today, highs in the upper 90's with 80% humidity, August has arrived.  I am past wilting.

The annual meteor showers have started, Rick saw a few last night.  The major event is supposed to take place August 11 and 12, an average of 200 meteors an hour.  Should be quite a sight to behold.
I can't wait.

Early classes on Wednesday mornings are going well.  They are actually for the staff and it has been fun to teach and educate them about yoga.  The ones who are coming seem to love it as much as the patients.  I am thrilled that our directors decided to do this.  I think it will make a difference in the stress levels of those who come.

So ready for a cup of hot tea and bed.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. you are an angel! hope those Dogs get better quickly.