Tuesday, August 30, 2016

True Balance

One of my students came to class early today.  It had been a tough day for him.  He told me that he was trying to figure out how to create boundaries in his life.  One of his toughest to figure out, separating work from home life.

He is not alone, I know many ( and a lot of them are not in rehab) whose lives are all about work and nothing else.  It is hard for them to understand that what they do is not who they are.
We talked about hobbies ( at least he had one, many do not) and how he needed to spend more time outdoors.

I admit his job is stressful and people's lives depend on him.  But we talked about the airplane rule.
You know the one, when the air masks drop put yours on first, then help others.  But it's the same in life, you have to help yourself/take care of yourself first, then be there for others.  The hard part, you can't help everyone.

He loves yoga so I have encouraged him to find a class when he goes home and to continue to nurture himself.  I explained to him that it is difficult for me sometimes, to leave work at work.  But, I have learned for my health, happiness and personal relationships I have to set boundaries also.

Talking to me today, refreshed some good old memories for my student.  He began to recall some things that he did in his youth that he loved doing.  Hopefully, he will pursue those things that once brought him joy and he will understand what true balance is.  After all, true balance is just that place where work, life, and relationships each have a roll in our life and that none of them take precedent over everything else.

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  1. You being willing to listen is as important as the yoga you teach. I hope the young man can take some of your wisdom with him.