Saturday, August 6, 2016


I won't miss the heat, won't miss the humidity as summer begins its slow fade, but what I will miss is its bounty.  That has been the goodness for me of this summer, crops have been plentiful and I am so grateful, but fall brings a different crop and hopefully one that is as bountiful as the summer has been.

I snapped the photo of what Rick picked this morning.  A few tomatoes, squash and peppers and they will continue dwindling until frost.  But what a summer it has been and we are grateful.


  1. Our garden feast is just starting. Love the fresh tomatoes and our okra has done well this year too. I actually told Jack I was looking forward to Fall and Winter. Can't even believe I said that!

  2. I love the photograph of the veggies. The colors are beautiful. Yum! Yum!