Thursday, September 1, 2016

September 1

September moon tonight, new beginnings

September 1...fall is somewhere, I can feel it in my bones

September 1...95 degrees here today

September 1...College football starts today, my husband is so happy

September 1... new gigs were offered today, I did a happy dance

September 1...hurricane hitting the Florida coast tonight

September 1...fresh beets and turnips at the produce stand

September 1...can't wait for crisp fresh apples

September 1...California grapes are wonderful this season

September 1...there are tiny dabbles of fall color all around

September 1...Labor Day weekend starts tomorrow, the official end of summer

September 1...I wear white jeans all year

September 1...fall is my favorite season

1 comment:

  1. September always feels like the beginning of a new year. High of 74 today in the 50's tonight. It's going to be a cooler weekend but the heat returns next week. That's OK because I know it won't last. That's just how September rolls up here! I hope Fall finds you down there and gives you some delish apples! Have a wonderful weekend!