Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fall Teases

Driving home from work this evening I noticed that there is a transformation taking place.  Fall is teasing with some golds and a sprinkling of red in the forests that I drive through.  The temps haven't dropped yet, but maybe in a few weeks I can wear boots instead of sandals and sweaters instead of tee shirts.

The morning and evening light is changing as well and the sun is showing its face much later in the mornings. On Wednesday when I do my early morning classes I am at work before the sun comes up.

I know we humans are  not fond of change, but I truly the love the changing of summer to fall and fall to winter.  I love the fact that Halloween decorations are in the stores and bags of candy corn are everywhere.  Nothing like a bag of candy corn and a jar of salted peanuts dumped in a big bowl together, my favorite treat!

We practiced more this evening, the show for the gigs this week is coming together and we are so excited about having a gig Thursday night and Saturday.

The moon is almost full, I saw him drifting in and out of the clouds earlier tonight.  This is Harvest Moon this week, so he should be full and golden.

My cup of tea awaits.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Fall is my favorite season. I like the changes too but fall is best.

  2. I'm loving this time of year too. We have some challenges in the family however and it's going to be a tough season I'm afraid. My brother just got diagnosed with lung cancer. We're not telling Mom of course until more details on his treatment and outcome are available. So although it's a my favorite time of year, I'm just a bit stressed. I will be looking at the same moon in a few days and wishing on many stars. Take care!

    1. Yaya, so sorry to hear about your brother's diagnosis. Prayers for healing and strength for all of you. I will wish on some stars for you as well.