Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wishing on Stars

The Harvest Moon takes place this week, as well as a lunar eclipse.  Lots of activity in our universe, energy brings change just as the seasons change.  The sky grows more beautiful each night.
I think that each time I look up at the stars and moon, I feel hope.  The night sky does that to me.

The world can be falling apart all around me, but if I see the night sky and the stars are shinning and the moon is full I figure there are still a few good things.  Actually, I think there are many good things.  We just let ourselves get sucked into the media cray cray and that is when you have to step back, look at the stars and know in your heart there is greatness, love and hope.

We got in a good practice today, we are so ready for our show tomorrow night, and Saturday as well.
It feels right to have guitars in hand, mike in front of you face and hear the music come from your heart.  Hump day has been a good day.

Wishing on stars for all of you, that there is hope, love and joy in your lives the rest of the week.
Take a few minutes to remember what is important in your life and celebrate with gratitude.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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