Saturday, September 3, 2016


The carpenter arrived at 6:30 this morning.  I made a pan of biscuits, bacon and eggs.  It is important to keep your carpenter happy and well fed.  Coffee and water are important too.  The new doors look great, but they were a bear to install.  Between Rick and the carpenter, I heard a few moans, ughs and swears but they did a good job.

I love our new handyman.  He is prompt, polite, picks up after himself and does great work.  I have a list of jobs for him, soon I will have him on speed dial.  Rick's honey-do list just got shorter.

In the midst of all the hammers, sawdust and expletives, the kids decided to come over.  Samantha and Jordan, Haven and Alesha and Anthony and James and Andrea and Stone, Breeze, Daisy and Joy.
The dogs, especially Hook were delighted to have kids to play with.  For and hour or so it was complete bedlam.  My head is still spinning.

I had also decided to bring yoga mats and blankets from work to wash this weekend.  I must be crazy.
My transformation today, just sit down and let it go.  After awhile, it just got funny.  A hot shower saved me.

Rick is watching Alabama football, I have been trying to get some semblance of order back in the house.  I will probably go to bed way before he does tonight.  I am spent.  But, we did have baked salmon, and fresh green beans and new potatoes for dinner.  I am never too tired to cook.
Hope your holiday weekend is a good one and if you are a college football fan, hope your team wins.
Roll Tide.

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  1. All those kids and dogs and I'm sure laughter made it more bearable! You're a good hostess..even to the carpenter! It's hard to find good workers so I'm with you on keeping them happy! Have a quiet and restful Sunday!