Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I saw the doc today for a follow up on my Meniere's diagnosis.  He had told me at the beginning a few weeks ago, that the hearing in my right ear was almost totally gone.  He also said that he didn't think I would regain any of it.  Since the meds had helped so much with the episodes and symptoms I thought for sure that some hearing had been restored.  After the hearing test today, I found out none had been restored.  Yes, it was a big let down.

He said there is still some hope, that since I am responding to the meds  so well, that maybe in the next few weeks and months there will be some restoration.  Hopes and prayers that he is right.

My transformation today...it has been four years since I have driven in the city alone.  Between the aseptic meningitis episodes and the meniere's symptoms I had driven around home and back and forth to work, but not the city.  Today was a big step for me.  I admit I was nervous this morning, but I made it fine and my confidence soared.

Until you have known the limitations of chronic disease, please don't judge.  Today I felt like a butterfly spreading her wings.  There was fear, but I remembered to breathe. I asked the Universe for my portion of grace and it was delivered.

So tonight, I am grateful that the hearing in my left ear is almost perfect.  Grateful that I found a doctor who is compassionate and encouraging.  Grateful for a diagnosis, grateful for meds that help the symptoms, grateful for my life.

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  1. Jilda, sorry to hear about your hearing. Glad to know that your left ear is 100%. You did spread your wings by driving into the city. I am proud of you!