Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Good Saturday

Our friend and sound man extraordinaire Fred came over this afternoon.  He helped us get our sound system ready for our gig Thursday night and he and Rick and I finished a song that we had started last year.  Sometimes it has to evolve.  But this one evolved into  a killer song and I can't wait to sing it.
It will be on our new cd.

Tomorrow we will rehearse and get the show ready and once again check out the sound system.
It takes a great deal of prep to do a show, especially when you are the show, the sound crew and the roadies.  :)  I tell my friends there is nothing to it, I can load equipment in 3inch heels and full make-up.

There is a tiny band of rain northwest of us tonight, we have done a rain dance and now we are hoping that those drops come on down to our house.

I hope your Saturday has been a good one.  Wishing you a peaceful Sunday.


  1. We finally got some nice rain and now the temps are falling too. I hope some reaches down to you guys! Enjoy this lovely Sunday.