Friday, September 9, 2016


I stepped out on the back deck tonight to feed Hook and looked up at the sky.  Almost a half moon, and stars twinkling all through the darkness.  It took my breath.  When you take a few minutes to look at nature, she does that you know, she takes your breath.  We live on a planet full of beauty.

When you think about the ugliness that we see around us , it is  usually human induced.  Oh I know Nature has a few temper tantrums from time to time...storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and the such.
But I wonder even with those, how much of them have we caused.

The gaping wounds from open mines, the oil slicks on the oceans, the fires in the Amazon, so many of the ugly disasters can be traced back to man.  Wars destroy countries and cities, poverty destroys communities and hate destroys humans and greed, well that destroys everyone and everything.

That is why I am often encouraging you to look for the beauty.  It is there, and we have to remind ourselves to see it.  So tonight, if you can look up at the night sky, appreciate its beauty and be grateful.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. It would be a good thing if everyone would look for the beauty instead of looking for the ugliness. For some reason looking for and at the bad makes it all people can see. It makes them at best ignore the bad others do and usually they move on to being ugly themselves. A very good post.

  2. There is so much beauty in the world... and I totally agree that we as humans are the ones that have destroyed things... I hope we all learn before it is too late xox