Saturday, September 24, 2016


I read an interesting quote a few days ago, " you cannot expect to give hate and receive love."  I always write the person's name responsible for quotes, but somehow this one slipped by me.
Forgive me.

I just know those simple words are a fundamental life truth. I teach it to my students daily.
 Hate builds such a wall, an indestructible wall that can only be torn down by love.  People, animals they all pick up on love and hate.  I know there is seems to be so much hate sometimes, but a great deal of hate is fueled by fear.  We fear the unknown, what we don't know, we fear because the media does nothing but feed fear to the masses.

We hate because often we have been taught to hate, we have been hurt,  or maybe we are just too lazy to think and figure out things for ourselves.   But I know that life is simple and we make it complicated.  I do believe this quote tonight, "you cannot expect to give hate and receive love."

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  1. I have found that ugly feelings such as hate also eat away at a person's inner body. It can lead to illness and pain. We need no help there. Love brings contentment and makes us feel good.