Friday, September 2, 2016

Out of Sorts

Another early day at work, this time for re-certification in CPR and first aide.   I am so use to working afternoons that when I go in early morning I am out of sorts all day.  I also dealt with a migraine most of last night so there was a double whammy this morning.

I am envious of those who got cooler temps today, but at least our humidity dropped.  In the past twenty-our hours we received 4 gig invites!  We have accepted 3 of them, we have happy danced all day because of our bookings.   Keep calling, we are loving it.

We are getting our new garden doors installed tomorrow.  They are just like the old ones, but in much better shape.  :)  It will spruce up our deck so much.  Rick also found a beautiful garden bench yesterday.  Still trying to decide where it will serve us best.  Right now, it sits ( invitingly) by our front walk.

Our friend Skip was playing tonight and originally we had planned to go, but as the day went by, I knew in my heart I should stay home and recover from the migraine fully.

Hot tea is waiting, and my cozy bed.  Wishing you all a fun end to summer and a great beginning to fall.  Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

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  1. Hopefully your temperatures will drop- a bit soon. Feel better.