Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1

February 1....70 degrees today, way too warm for February

February 1...Ground Hog's Day tomorrow

February 1...Valentine's Day in a couple of weeks

February 1...Leap Year, 29 days

February 1...a great month to wear red or pink

February 1...also Heart month, take care of those hearts

February 1...anyone for roses or chocolate?

February 1...president's month

February 1...thoughts of spring

February 1...still wishing for snow, it could happen

February 1...sometimes daffodils bloom and so do violets

February 1...amethyst stones, I love purple

February 1...I love Valentine cards, I am a sucker for hearts and flowers


  1. Now I feel that February is a pretty good month!

  2. Wow, 700 is warm for February...

    For me February is a gift, especially this year.I met my husband on leap year. It's my 50th wedding anniversary and I didn't thought I would see my 40th, it's my grandson's birthday, it's the shortest winter month and it started with mild sunny weather. The groundhog saw his shadow today , so 6 more weeks of winter for us.

    Have a great day Jilda.