Thursday, February 11, 2016

Take Care of Yourselves

I am still in the clutches of the flu, but it is loosening its grip.  There were moments today that I thought ok, I am much better...and then an hour later the sofa would have me.

Since this is transformation information, let me share a bit about the flu.  It is nothing to laugh at or ignore. If you think for a moment that you might be coming down with it, go get tested.  A simple cotton swab in the nose will give you the good or the bad news.  If you like me, got the bad news...go home, get on the sofa, REST, drink fluids, monitor your fever, take your meds......and then hope for the best.

I have not worked since last Thursday and honestly until today, I had been so sick work had not crossed my mind.  I  know my compromised immune system makes things worse, but this has been a bear.  I have seen the doc three times.

Enough about me...just remember it is flu season...take care of yourselves.

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  1. I hope your weekend will find you feeling better still.