Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Weather Musings

Phil, I am so confused.  Phil, the official groundhog says spring is coming, but Bill, our local groundhog says nope, six more weeks of winter.  So then I look at the National Weather's Extended Forecast,  they say mild weather, no more winter...but, the Farmer's Almanac says this winter will be like last year, more cold and white stuff to come.

Truth of the matter, it's all just a guessing game, though I do think the Almanac hits more than misses.  It is pouring rain tonight, we are still under a tornado watch, it is 70 degrees...but highs tomorrow about 40.  Maybe it is because of where I live, or my Irish heritage, but I am fascinated by the weather.  After all, if you are ever at a loss for conversation, you can always talk about the weather.

My class was for chronic pain today.  It all goes back to the weather.  If you have chronic pain and there is any change in the weather you feel it.  Sure enough those in the class who deal with chronic pain were talking about the weather changes coming...they don't have to tune into the forecast, their bodies speak loud and clear.

Where ever you are tonight, wishing you a pain free, restful night.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. I was paining last night and still today. I guess your wish didn't come true for me but thanks any way, lol... I can feel it in my bones and it's true that the weather affects us. I didn't get much sleep last night.

    Weather is always a topic of interest and a great conversation starter.
    I hope that you'll be safe from tornados.

  2. Those with chronic pain do feel it is linked to weather/stress/ nutrition. They can change eating habits, do something about stress( like quitting a job, a spouse, etc...)but they can do almost nothing when it comes to weather changes. Too bad, as not everyone finds a solution in meds.

  3. I have no idea what our groundhog might have said. He is buried under a couple of feet of snow!