Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Sometimes you have to surrender... to the day, to the emotions, to the breath, to the pose.
You can come to class in full armor, ready to stand strong and firm...but the breath and all those things you shoved deep down inside pierce your protective shield  and you surrender.

That was class today.  Surrender and let the body and spirit meet.  Surrender and find the rest, sleep and peace you crave.

That class of young men discovered what true surrender meant today. Their expressions and the energy that filled the room at the end of class is why I teach.  Seeing the struggle of ego and fear dissolve into joy is an incredible reward, a humbling experience that always brings a tear to my eyes.

As I listen to the pouring rain on our tin roof, my heart is grateful tonight...wishing you all a bit of joy, peace and a goodnight's sleep.

1 comment:

  1. Oh yes, sweet surrender. I wish you were closer to teach me that lesson in person.
    Right now it's late and I'm surrendering my body to bed. Good Night.