Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy Anniversary Taz

Two years ago tonight, Taz scratched on our front door.  It was 6 degrees, she was sick and freezing.
We brought her in, wrapped her in a warm blanket and fed her.  It was the beginning of a love affair.
One of my friends told me Taz won the lottery when she came to our house, but we are the ones who won.

That first year, we were both so sick.  She and I spent many hours on the sofa together. Each time I had a treatment, she never left my side.  We bonded.
We found our common interests were the  She doesn't chew on them,  just licks them and holds them...I wear them.

If anyone had told me that we would have a Yorkie I would have laughed.  For years we have had labs, bulldogs, big mutts, the dogs that no body would ever want, actually most were throwaways. But they were dogs of size, like Calliou our collie.  He weighs almost 90 pounds.  Taz weighs about six pounds.  Good things do come in small packages.

Taz has brought great joy to Rick and I.  I hope she is with us a very long time.  She is out back, barking at the deer or some other wild creature that has no fear of her, but she sees herself as one to be feared, big and strong.  I thought she would be a diva, but she is a warrior.
Happy Anniversary Taz!


  1. Happy Anniversary to Taz. I'm so happy he came in to your lives when he needed you an you needed him. That's really sweet Jilda ♡

  2. So sweet! Taz is one lucky pup and I know you love her dearly...may you have many, many more anniversaries with her!

  3. You have a mutually satisfying relationship. I have found that a pet that someone else could not keep for whatever reason is usually a more loving companion.

  4. Nice, and a Yorkshire Terrier too. My home county.

  5. Happy Anniversary Taz. You are loved.