Friday, February 26, 2016


Our neighbors, Billy and Denise called this morning and said they wanted to drop by for a few minutes.
We were fine with that and Rick made an extra pot of coffee.

Denise had told me they had made me a surprise.

At Christmas I had given them one of my hand painted cards...Billy was inspired and went to ceramics class  with my snowman on his mind.

He created Rick and Jilda snow people.  I love that they brought them to us this morning.  I still have my snowman flag flying and we use our snowman dishes until spring.  Tonight, they are sitting on our mantle and each time I look at them I smile.

Billy and Denise are wonderful neighbors and we love them.  They are the real deal, they are ministers who work with the homeless, a food bank and with those who have addictions.  They live the words in red, every day.  We are lucky and blessed to know them.


  1. How adorable! Great friends.

  2. Those are the type of neighbours that you want to have around for a long time.
    I used to have a ceramics mould of the snowman with the snowflake. They were so popular when I had my ceramic business.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. How thoughtful! He did a great job didn't he?

  4. So cute! I love snowmen. I still have some snowmen out too. :-) Sheila