Thursday, February 4, 2016

Kind Words

Kind words cost nothing.  Someone shared that with me on Face Book today. It is true you know, smiles and kind words, everyone wants them...why do we find them so hard to share.

The hardest thing is to be kind to an unkind person.  That happened to me this week. I was taken aback by the harshness and anger of this person toward me.  I had to breathe, and remind myself not to be sucked in to the drama. If I had responded the way she wanted me to, I would have lost my integrity.  I gave her my kindness...sadly it was not enough.  Sometimes it is not.

There are some who are hurting so bad that even though kindness is what they crave and want...they refuse to accept it.  Acceptance of kindness proves them wrong, and they had rather remain in pain than be wrong.  We are strange creatures, aren't we?

Tomorrow is Friday,lets pass around some kind words and smiles.


  1. You are such a kind soul. The serenity I feel from you is a joy.

  2. You are so right Jilda. ...
    Anger is a difficult emotion to defuse and pride and hurt goes deep. Getting angry toward an angry person serves no purpose other than making their anger increase. Forgiveness is also a difficult thing to do.

    Raising the voice seldom produce favorable results and ignoring the person is not good either.
    I find that saying "I'm sorry if you feel that way about it, I certainly didn't meant any harm" in a lower voice can lessen the anger. But's it's the hardest thing to do. A cool head always prevails though. Anger usually comes from deep hurt, frustration and resentment.

    We sure are strange creatures.