Thursday, February 25, 2016

Taz Owns Me

Today has been a weather oxymoron...spring flowers are is freezing cold and windy.
Even Taz has snuggled in the warm and fuzzy blankets today.  Her walk was short and sweet.
About half way to the barn she looked at me as if to say" ok, this walk is over.  I want warm and fuzzy."  She refused to walk another step.  Yep, I carried her back to the house.

We do not own dogs...they own us.  We fetch, jump and do every trick they demand of us...well, at least I do.  Something frightened Taz last night, she would not sleep, she sat on the sofa and barked at the darkness out front.  Finally, because I knew Rick had a long busy day today, I got a blanket, and slept with her on the couch for most of the night.  It's ok.  When I did treatments, every time I got sick, Taz lay at my feet, never leaving my side.  I can do the same for her.

Rick has my cup of hot tea waiting, my warm flannel sheets are waiting...
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. I hope Taz and you got some sleep! I know how these little furballs can rule the roost. We've enjoyed Chubbs these past months. His personality has come out more each day and now he's got us on his schedule! Have a good weekend. I hope the weather gets warmer and those flowers don't loose their bloom!

  2. I supposed that dogs also have their time of restlessness and unease like we do. They are super sensitive to anything that is out of the ordinary.
    How sweet of you to reciprocate the favour.

    Have a nice weekend.