Monday, February 22, 2016

Rainy Monday

All classes included moon salutations today, after all it is a full moon, though the clouds and fog are so thick moon in sight.
The rain has poured down since last night, every one's body is achy and out of sorts.  I think most have dealt with brain fog as well today.   Maybe if we didn't know the rain will be here for the next couple of days it would be different.

Flu and strep are still rampant, I am thinking about wearing garlic around my neck to ward off the gunk.

The mild days and rain have brought spring flowers out everywhere.  Daffodils, yellow bells, tulip trees are in full bloom, even our yellow jasmine is blooming.

I hope your Monday was an easy one and that the rest of your week will be uneventful, except for the occasional giggle or hug.
Goodnight Sweet dreams


  1. Garlic is always a good idea. When I was a kid my Mom insisted that I wear a garlic sachet around my neck.
    Nowadays, I believe in naturopathy ; so, especially in winter,I take a capsule of garlic powder. Also a capsule of echinacea which is said to strenghten immunity.
    We are often told to keep away from crowds in winter. That's the hard part as there's always and everywhere a crowd of some size with someone sneezing near you and spreading the flu.

  2. I hope you don't get the flu again. I'm jealous that you have spring flowers already. You should take photos of your blooming gardens and share them with us to gladden our heart.