Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 31

Seventy degrees on this last day of January...time to batten down the hatches...warmth and wind in January is never a good weather sign. The next couple of days should prove interesting.

As I looked at my vision board this morning, I realized that we were both making headway on our
visions for 2016, the hard part will be to stay the course the next few months.  That is the best thing about those boards, if you place them where you see them every day, they hold you steady and true.
But as the months go by, it is easy to not "notice" them, so then I write reminders in my day planner.

There is a chicken roasting in the oven.  I have craved comfort food the past few days, holding off on making the mac and cheese but could be persuaded with very little force.  :)

Enjoy this last night of January 2016, we will see what takes place with that wacky groundhog in a couple of days.  Wishing you a Monday that is neither blue nor rainy.
Goodnight Sweet dreams


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  1. I hope that Monday will be seasonable and more normal and the month of February will be like it is supposed to be and the disturbance in weather is minimal. I even saw a couple of stars to night and it felt good regardless.