Monday, January 11, 2016

New Faces

Lots of new faces in all my classes today.  New faces mean different things in each class.  In the first class, their stay at the center will be only 28 days, depending on the program and their health, I might see them in my class only 3 or 4 times.

In the second class, a 90 day program, we  begin to build a yoga and meditation practice. They have the opportunity to see that yoga can be a tool in recovery, that it can help with their daily stresses. We get to know each other.

In the third class, a community class I teach in my hometown, new faces might come back, they might not.  I learned a long time ago, as much as I love yoga, as much as I love is not for everyone. But I have students who have been with me well over ten years.  I am grateful.

Because of where I teach, I always have new faces.  That is a challenge to any teacher. I am always teaching basics, modifications and yet for some, who have studied with me for years in the community class, I have to keep them interested and on their toes.

I am watching my students constantly, to see their alignments, their issues, their struggles and what is easy for them. I make sure each class is different, that no matter the student, they feel welcome and safe.

Now you all know why I whine about my energy being low sometimes.  :)

Rick is watching the college football championship game.  He is awfully quiet, I hope Alabama is doing good.  I suppose I should check on him.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Taking on other people low energy can really drain your own energy. I had a lady who came into my business and each time she left I felt totally drained. There are people who thrive off other people's energy and others like you, who energize people. It's no wonder you feel tired so often.

    Have a great day full of energy.

  2. I learned this morning while watching the news that Alabama won. Rick should be very happy.