Sunday, January 24, 2016

We Saw The Moon

Finally after months of waiting ( clouds or rain) the full moon is beaming through my window, shinning through the intricate lace curtain.  I called Jordan as soon as I saw it rising up above the tree
line tonight.  Squeals of joy came across the phone as I heard him yell to his Papa to go out on the porch to look at the moon with him.

Jordan and I share a love of the full moon, of snow, of spending time outdoors.  He is my kitchen assistant and can help me round up the chickens in the blink of an eye when they get out of the fence.

His fascination with the moon began before he was a year old.  Moon was one of the first words he spoke and on nights when the moon was full he would look out the windows saying moon, moon.
There is a circle around the moon tonight, rain is on its way for sure.  But Jordan and I are grateful that on this night, we saw the full moon...I hope you saw it too.


  1. The big full moon was gorgeous and the sky was full of stars, Wow, what a beautiful sky,

  2. I did see it! It was like mid day when I took Chubbs out for his final "to be sure" before bed. Maybe Jordan will be able to travel to the moon one never know! How fun to have such a good buddy to share your likes!