Saturday, January 30, 2016

You Need It

We were at a hotel last night, and the wifi stopped working after Rick did his blog in case any of you wondered what happened to my post.  Home today, walks with the dogs and Sam and Jordan.
Jordan was beside himself with joy...yesterday was his birthday.  Rick and I got him a gift card to Books A Million.  He brought home a bag full of books and had to explain why he picked each one.
He is eight years old and loves to read.  I loved to read at age eight also.

A pot of soup is on the stove, cornbread in the oven.  Comfort food tonight...sometimes you just need it. The past couple of days has been spent with family...sometimes you just need it.

Taz and Calliou were not happy about our night away, they never are.  But they have been appeased and all is well for now.  I think Taz needed a hug this evening...I know I did.


  1. Home, comfort food, and a hug... sometimes you just need it.

  2. Soup and cornbread sound lovely. Pets don't understand why they are left home but they're so forgiving. We can learn from them.
    Hugs are always good.

  3. I feel bad about leaving Chubbs at home when we leave for work. He's always happy to see us when we get home. Just warms the heart! Big hug to you and your sweet pups!