Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Spicy Balance

It will be nice to not teach tomorrow, to focus on the music.  We have a couple of gigs coming up, getting new shows ready, it is exciting.  It is also nice to balance, the yoga, music and art.
I can usually tell when one area of my life is becoming too dominant, I feel out of sorts.

I love all that I do, but there has to be a balance, for me anyway.  I know there are many who focus on one aspect of their life and are happy to do so.  For me, variety is my spice of life.

I also have some great ideas for a couple of floor cloths that I am getting ready to paint.
But, tonight it will be an early to bed kind of night.  I am tired, ready for those warm flannel sheets and my comfy cozy bed.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

1 comment:

  1. I agree Jilda, we need balance or we get out of sort.
    Finding the balance takes some soul searching and some choices. Like your little quote on the right upper corner of your post. The heart doesn't give bad advice.

    Have a great day.