Friday, January 22, 2016

Make The Most

It really is the simple things in life that bring so much joy and happiness.  We had snow flurries today and if you had seen Rick, Jordan and I playing you would have thought we had experienced a blizzard.
It didn't matter that there was no snow on the ground, we caught flakes with our tongues and let flakes land on our faces.

We came inside, made hot chocolate with marshmallows and dreamed of more snow coming tonight.
The weather guys say we might get an inch.  :)  We don't care, we will be happy regardless.

One of the things I have learned through the years, you take what life brings and make the most of it.
That includes enjoying a few snow flurries.  I  know our friends north and east of us are in for a rough bit this weekend.  They are getting way  more than a few flurries.  You all stay warm and safe.
You can listen to us moan this summer when it is 90 degrees with 85% humidity.

Enjoy the weekend, don't fret about the past or worry about the future, if you do, you lose this moment, the present. Make the most of now, it is all you have.


  1. Good advise but sometimes out present moments is knee deep in snow, lol...
    Have a great sleep.

  2. We're missing this storm, but the cold is here. Enjoy the snow but stay safe. I know the southern areas don't have the ice and snow removal equipment like we do up here. Have fun!

  3. Too bad there wasn't enough snow to make a snowman. Maybe next time.

  4. Hell yes, I am a live in the moment person and try to enjoy life the best way I can