Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

Walking the dogs this morning I realized that the air was so humid and heavy we were all panting before we reached the barn.  Feeling the thick warm air in my lungs and on  my skin was almost overwhelming, my body weight felt as though it was growing with each step.

The rains have swept through in waves of downpours. Water pouring from the heavens in torrents and random streaks of lightening and booms of thunder have become an everyday occurrence the past few days.  I think the monsoons have arrived.

This rain seems to be bringing summer's end closer every day. Though the heat is still with us, there are tiny streaks of reds and golds appearing in the woods.  I find myself craving the cool mornings of September and its warm sunny afternoons.  I know the heat and humidity will be unmerciful for the next few weeks, but there is hope for cooler evenings.

My students were subdued today.  The rain I believe, intensifies the loneliness that hovers over most of them.  Even though they are not alone, they are lonely and it showed in their faces today.
I hope the sun shines for them tomorrow or at least they see patches of blue across the skies.
Sometimes just the promise of a ray of sun brightens the day.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. We've been in a heat wave here too so I'm hoping for rain on Friday.
    I feel sorry for those lonely people who needs to feel loved and hopeful. I hope the sunshine will refresh their longing souls.

  2. I think you recognized a problem many people have. You said that even though your students were not alone they were lonely. Lonely people are lonely even in crowds. Conversely being alone does not mean loneliness. It is important that someone see those differences.